Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Write less do more, Juice UI for Asp.Net WebForms

At MVP Summit that was held today, Scott Hunter commented about an open source project “Juice UI”, it is more or less like the ajax control toolkit for asp.net except that Juice UI is a collection of Jquery components, that is targeted for Webforms developers. To use it you need to install Juice UI Nuget Package to your project, right click on project reference and click Manage Nuget Packages and search for Juice UI.

Official Website: http://juiceui.com
Controls List at: http://juiceui.com/controls

When the installation completes you will get some new scripts files in your script folder.

Also in web.config you will get something like this…

Now on the aspx page add a script manager, a textbox and then a juice ui autocomplete.

Here I have defined the Minimum length of autocomplete to 3 and source to some random data
Note: targetcontrolid must match the id of the textbox.

Now the autocomplete is ready for action..


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